The first and second year baсhelor students gathered in front of the SAP’s entrance at approximately 9 in the morning. We were greeted by Isabel Hoffmann who led us to the 12th floor, and then briefly conducted a presentation about the history of SAP, and what kind of work and innovations they presently work on. Before splitting into groups and undertaking our group projects, Morten Andrup gave us a tour of the 12th floor office, where we had the opportunity to observe employees working and seeing how they work with one another.

When we had come back to the board room that we occupied, Isabel told us that we were going to learn the process of “Design Thinking” through the group projects. Once we separated into our groups of 6, we were presented with a question: “how can we use technology to eradicate hunger?” We had to come up with 3 questions to ask employees in the building how they felt/what kind of actions they take against global hunger, and then compile the data into a “persona” who we then used as a liaison to the next component of our group work. Following this, we had to come up with a business plan, with no import to how realistic it could be, to eradicating hunger.

It was a very interesting day with some great insight into how a successful company operates and tackles problems to come up with unique and diverse solutions to rigorous obstacles, and we are very grateful that we were able to participate in such an event!


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