Social Media Manager: What is it, what does it do and how much does it charge?

“A Social Media Manager is in charge of drawing strategy and analyzing the results”

Social Media Manager, functions and tasks:

  • Knowing about the sector: The Social Media Manager must know the business sector in order to better perform the rest of the functions.
  • Investigate and analyze the market: Market research.
  • Design the strategy: It is responsible for designing the social media strategy  
  • Business plan: you should take into account in your strategy: Promotional campaigns, contests, network advertising, events, product launches, etc. Content strategy, way of communicating, content calendar, publication hours, etc
  • Manage the budget: Control and manage the budget as well as the different items for each of the actions to be carried out on social networks.
  • Define the target audience: Define the target audience to which each of the campaigns and actions carried out will be directed.
  • Select the tools: Select which tools and apps to use to carry out the tasks and the measurement of results analysis.
  • Analyze the results: Analysis of reports of the Community Manager to measure the effectiveness and modify strategies if necessary.
  • Create an online reputation crisis plan: The Social Media Manager should design the company’s online reputation crisis management manual.
  • Work as a team: Work side by side with the client and with the different departments of the company, to analyze the results and propose strategic improvements: Public Relations, Marketing, Product, Sales, Directory.
  • Create strategic alliances: Work on the development of strategic alliances within the social media sector for future actions that can reinforce the growth of the communities and the brand.

How much does a Social Media Manager charge?

As always, the salary always depends on the experience of the applicant, but also on the company and the responsibility that each position has. The salary of a social media manager varies between 27,000 euros to 60,000 euros taking into account the experience. Here you can find out the salary of the Bankinter financial blog. Without a doubt, for many businesses, social networks have become an indispensable element when promoting their products or services through the Internet and in this way they have visibility for their potential audience. However, not all companies have professionals specialized in Digital Marketing, capable of planning and managing campaigns appropriate to this new format. For this reason, the demand for Social Media professionals has undoubtedly increased along with sectors such as digital marketing and eCommerce.

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