Carrera Superior Assistant Manager

In the new business environment responsibilities as secretaries are expanding significantly and many of its new features are fundamental tasks related to the support of management: from managing specific projects, to organizing and planning all kinds of company events .

  • Objectives
  • Recipients
  • Professional outings
  • Program
  • Evaluation and accreditation

— Have initiative and be a proactive
— Versatility (multifunctionality)
— Excellent knowledge of the techniques call and customer service
— Know and apply the rules of business etiquette
— Know how to organize and plan all kinds of corporate events
— Understand the importance of their role in the corporate
— Ability to work for more than one manager and be a team player
— Know how to plan and organize own work
— Having a good level of language and master new technologies
— Develop negotiation skills and commercial skills
— Develop skills such as empathy, politeness or active listening


The studies are aimed at those who want to learn knowledge, specific skills and develop their career in the field of assistance within specific companies or departments within the company, providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary skills and attitudes characteristic of a vital position, and gaining the trust of management.

Students may come from School or other Training or people who are in the workforce but want to get the right training for the development of functions in these areas.

INSA has its own admission process so that access is not dependent on prior qualifications.

Professional outings

The main job opportunities, among others:

— Presidency
— Directorate and Management
— Administrative and Financial
— Assistant Manager
— Secretary of Senior Management
— Secretary of Department
— Human Resources Departments
— Professional Offices
— Consulting and Audit

INSA offers the possibility of internships in companies during the period of delivery of the Master’s.


The program will cover the following studies blocks per year:

1st Year
— Business Policy
— Tax Law
— Computerized Accounting
— English / Business
— French / Commercial
— Catalan / Commercial
— Web Page Design: Dreamweaver
— Quality Management
— Project
— Marketing Plan
— Business Protocol
— Official Protocol
— Indesign
— Management Skills
— International Marketing
— Final Project
— Specialized Seminars

2nd Course
— Business Economics
— European Union
— Typing II
— English / Business
— French
— Catalan
— Accounting II
— Excel
— Access
— Business Law
— International Trade
— Marketing Sector
— Labor Law
— Photoshop
— PR Campaigns
— Specialized Seminars

3rd Course
— Introduction to Economics
— Technical Secretariat
— English / Business
— French
— Typing I
— Catalan
— Accounting I
— Oral Communication
— Power Point
— Business Correspondence
— Marketing Concept
— Human Factor
— File Techniques
— News
— PR Techniques
— Marketing Strategies 1
— Word

Evaluation and accreditation

The program evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each of the subjects through class attendance and / or examination, so that the student must have passed each subject independently.

After successfully testing and evaluation of the program as long as there is the minimum attendance required, students may spend the next year and completed three years will obtain the title of Studies in International Secretariat Senior Management INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.