Bachelor in Digital Design

This disruptive program combines business administration and management with the digital entertainment industry in a straightforward and highly practical way. You will learn how to manage in the Metaverse, creating lines of business in combination with augmented and mixed reality.
You will learn from teachers who are actively working in the industry, either creating content and leading projects. In the next ten years the demand for managers and business developers in the digital entertainment industry will grow exponentially and this career wants to respond to that demand.
  • Objectives
  • Recipients
  • Professional outings
  • Program
  • Evaluation and accreditation

The aim of the program is to reach knowledge and capabilities in Business and Digital Design for be manager and business developer in the digital entertainment industry.

  1. You will know how to model, texture and illuminate organic models and environments, as well as hard surfaces.
  2. Animate objects, characters and cameras.
  3. Understand storytelling and its importance in the industry, as well as productive implementation techniques.
  4. Know how to create visual effects and compose video sequences with industry-leading software.
  5. Know how to design levels, mechanics and dynamics.
  6. Will be able to establish monetization strategies and viability plans for their Digital Entertainment projects.
  7. Know how to establish designs that convey sensory marketing experiences through Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.
  8. Will have the knowledge and skills to lead and coordinate technical and artistic teams.
  9. Will be able to direct business plans, development, expansion and growth in companies in the sector.

The studies go destined to those that want to learn knowledge, specific skills and to develop their professional career in the new industry of Digital Desing. Future career for the Graphic Designers applied in the new communication and tech. Also, to those who wants to become a Business Developer in the Metaverse, creating lines of business in combination with augmented and mixed reality.

The pupils can be residents in Spain that want to be formed or to continue their formation in English in the area of the businesses or foreigners that want to come to Barcelona to know another culture, ways of doing and studying a program in a language that they know.

Professional outings

In the next ten years the demand for managers and business developers in the digital entertainment industry will grow exponentially

Media: Developer of Products Multimedia, Digital Content and Social Media

Software Development: usability and interactivity design, interface design, art direction in application programming

e-Entrepreneur: Business developer in the digital industry

Advertising: advertising design and creativity

Audiovisual: design, direction and development of projects for studios and production companies; photography, film, tv, video games, animation, architecture and interior design


Year 1

Design, Drawing and Modeling for Animation
Animation of 2D and 3D Elements
Color, Lighting and 2D and 3D Finishing
Principles of Marketing
Startup Company Legal Environment
Quantitative Methods in Business
Startup Ecosystems
Organic Modelling
Hard Surfaces Modelling
Digital Product Development
Innovation Management
Marketing & Sales
Design Thinking
Digital Marketing
Communication Skills

Year 2

Texturing & Materials
Audiovisual Editing and Post-production
The Power of Storytelling in Business
Business Models / Business Model Innovation
Social Media Marketing
Project Management
High-Performance Leadership
Business Strategy
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 5
Procedural & Particles Engine: Houdini
Designing Creative Organisations
Managing High Growth Enterprises
Building and Managing Professional Sales Organizations
Interpersonal Dynamics and Conflict Resolution
Global Value Chain Strategies

Year 3

Animation & Rigging
Virtual Worlds: VR & Mixed Reality
The Power of Storytelling in Business
Customer Intelligence Strategy
Angel and Venture Capital
Growth Haking
Marketing Mobile
VFX: Composite with Nuke
e-Entertainment Industry
Carreer Improvement
Final Project

Evaluation and accreditation

The evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each block of study, through class attendance and / or examination. The student must have passed each subject independently.

Having successfully passed the evaluations and with the minimum attendance required, the student will be able to pass to the following year and after having completed three academic years, will get the INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School degree.