Albert Einstein and his mediocrity among smart people, is an historical reality that shows us how absurd is an idea when it become a mandatory rule. Smart people feel proud when they succeed memorizing and copying ideas that had been accepted by Institution’s Authority. This is valid and, in some part, necessary: valid because we need practical handworkers to build the comunity, and that’s, in some part, also necessary for Individual Thinkers.

As Einstein wrote on his book My vision of the world, «a human born in isolation would remain in such a primitive stage of feeling and thinking, as we can hardly imagine. The human being is defined not only for its individual actions but also because she belongs to a comunity, that leads all her material and spiritual existence.»

We need the conjunction of both factors to succeed as a society, but is also essential to support and recognize Individual Thinkers. Has any public Institution thought about all the struggles that humans like Einstein had to live until they were recognized? Albert mentioned that when he was a physician student, teachers demanded him to be a different individual from who he really was. They judged Einstein as a bad student, ignoring the fact that he was not a practical handworker. Humans mind is so complex that it’s absurd to believe that we can fix it in some practical patterns. That works for practical minds, with their instinct to produce useful solutions with the already known axiomas. But individual thinkers are not made to follow a rule, their nature is to explore the enormous dimension that each part from the Universe has. Nowadays well known Genius Albert Einstein was not accepted when he applied for a teaching position at his University; he was a mediocre person among smart people.

But the worst part of that is the fact that everybody seems to forget this huge mistake. We still believe in IQ tests made to see humans as a machine, ignoring time after time that our brain is as much complex as it’s the Universe. As a simil, we still believe that earth is plane. But we think that in the 21st century we know almost everything, that’s our biggest mistake. The stupid people are not the ones that fail an exam, the stupid people are the ones that doesn’t know the dimension of their stupidity.

Why do we still pretend that our future active citizens follow the same ideas of last century? Why don’t we learn from our historical mistakes and inspire kids to discover the world as honest humans like Einstein did, instead of forcing them to repeat the practical concepts that raises on the top of the Iceberg? It’s all about dimensions. Mediocre people like Einstein didn’t disrespect or fight against Newton ideas, but they could see that behind these practical ideas exists an infinit dimension that makes everything relative.

At INSA International Business School we believe in people that thinks different. We want our students to think out of the box and develop a positive critical reasoning. That’s the way we follow to achieve our main goal: teach humans as a human. We don’t offer teachers to our alumni, we help them grow with the warmly support of good professionals, that explain their mistakes and the learnings they have achieved because of that. Reality changes constantly and enterprises need humans that can solve the day to day chaotic challenges.

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