Masterclass Susana Jiménez

Linked in or linked out

First of all, we want to thanks Susana for making time for sharing her knowledge with us.

INSA International Business School organized a master class about how can we use LinkedIn in a proper way and take the most advantage of this professional platform. The speaker was Susana Jiménez, expert in HR consultancy and leadership.

LinkedIn is the way to promote yourself and your personal brand, so be sure what do you want to project. Don´t forget how much you can give to the professional world but do it intelligently and correctly.

Keep in mind these interesting and important key points to optimize its usage:

  • The skills are your best bet: use them! Ask people for endorsing you
  • Be sure what you share and the image you want to project
  • Before connecting people, introduce yourself and be polite: send them a message
  • Ask for some recommendations. It will make you more reliable for the recruiters
  • Interact with companies and professionals of areas in which you are interested at by liking or commenting their posts
  • Underline your strengths and write a concise description of yourself

And never forget: Dream big!

We want to thanks INSA for giving us the opportunity of attending to this inspirational talk.

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