INSA Alumni and Pronovias

INSA Alumni and Pronovias are working together since Bruna Baldocchi, Foreing Trade and International Marketing Master Student at INSA International Business School, has been hired there to lead the Account Receivals of the company. Such a great opportunity for Bruna, a Brazilian professional that came to Barcelona and chose our Business School to keep developing her career while living in this wonderful city.

Bruna has an amazing background in finance, after more than 3 years working as an Account Manager for international clients. Thanks to our INSA Job Exchange Programm she found this opportunity which, in conjuction with the knoweledge she is achieving doing our Master, will help her to push up her professional career.

This is our main goal and the reason why we work hard every day: to give the best oportunities to all our International Alumni Network. We are more than happy for Bruna and we wish her all the best for the future.

Also, she was so kind to send us some tips for our other International Alumni Students, to help them find as great opportunities as she did:

  • Always Network within other students. Being part of INSA Alumni is more than just learning in our Masters. Studying with us is a huge opportunity to meet International people and make good professional contacts for the present and the future.
  • Doing a Master with other International Students is definetly a good opportunity to improve your language skills, and expand your universe sourounded by people from many different cultures.
  • Networking with teachers is also clue. They are all professionals from big companies in many different industries that can help you to take good decitions for your career.
  • Obviously join our Job Exange Program to take all the good opportunities that we offer.

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