Intelligence boots, Who wouldn’t go in for warm feet 24/7?

Jimmy Choo is selling heated boots for $1,795 that will keep your feet warm all winter.


Jimmy Choo collaborated with ZhorTech to create Voyager Boot, a boot with a device called Digitsole. The boots are charged by a USB cable, carefully concealed under the collar. Temperatures can be set from 25° to 45° C, and you activate the heat setting from a bespoke mobile app.  According to the brand’s website, the shoes are designed to stay warm for up to eight hours, subject to outside weather conditions. 


1.- first need to charge the shoes.

2.- Use Jimmy Choo’s free app to activate the shoes’ heated insoles.

3.- Your phone will connect to the Voyager boots via Bluetooth.



They’re available to buy now, and there are styles for both men and women. I’m 100 percent sold on these boots. I’m adding a pair to my Birthday wish list right now.