5 Productive Things to do in Vacations

Everyone loves vacation time, having time to relax or to sleep more, but when they start getting long…. can become a little boring. If you are a student or a working person here is a short list of productive things you can do for your own benefit.

1.Explore new places

With plenty of spare time on your hands a particularly way to spend it could be travelling, but you can also discover new locations in your own city. It’s time to visit that new gallery or go to that restaurant thats everybody is talking about.

2.Attend interesting workshops

There are a lot of things going on! Look for activities on museums and cultural institutions. Meet people who have the same interests as you. If you are in Barcelona check out the creativity workshop, Estudio Nómada or follow us on facebook or instagram because we will be posting about it.

3.Do some cleaning and get your house in order

While studying or working it is difficult to find time to look into the household matters but, the time has come and you can’t keep them waiting. A clean home is a happy home!

4. Try something new

The time is now and it’s a great time to try something new such as cooking, running, or maybe writting.  The challenge begins now and if you keep doing it for more than 30 days it will become a habit for life!

5.Learn a new language

Bachelor Degrees

Sure you can travel abroad speaking your own language, but you’ll get so much more if you are able to communicate, understand and interact with local people. If you are interested, our school offers summer spanish courses. Send an email to information@insabarcelona.com and don’t miss them!

Enjoy your vacations and above all take the most out of them!