At INSA we are renowned for our training programs which provide an up-to-date perspective and approach to the workplace through a very practical and realistic study plan and with PROFESSIONALS training PROFESSIONALS.

The close relationship we have with business to design and develop our training programs is also transferred to our offer of services for companies to help its institutional improvement, development and the training of human capital as its main asset.At INSA you will find the following services specifically for companies and institutions: “Career Services: Internships and Job Opportunities“, “Our Training Programmes” and “Training in Company“. Below is the detail of each of these services. If you want to contact us you can do so through the mail as indicated in each section or fill out the form.

Careers Services: Internships and Job Opportunities. INSA offers companies and institutions the possibility of publishing jobs and internships in the Careers Service Exchange, for free. The diversity of areas and of profiles that our programs and pupils cover, make the Careers Service ideal for service companies to find the ideal candidates for their vacancies. The Careers Service allows companies to publish their offers on the Intranet which is accessible to all students, giving them opportunity to enroll in them. After the application period, INSA filters the received curricula and sends to the companies the most suitable profiles.

We design and give made-to-measure training for companies and institutions with a plan of work that follows the following phases:

1. Needs analysis

Working with you to determine and give guidance on the purpose of the training, what needs exist, as well as determining the target audience and its characteristics.

2. Pre-Program design

The why, who and what; our team design a training program specific to each client.

3. Final Program

Together with the company, the necessary adjustments are made regarding training characteristics (duration, schedule, etc.) that allow the desired result to be achieved.

4. Teaching Program

INSA’s professionals teach the different topics, giving the programs a real and practical workplace perspective. We use the case study methodology, real cases presented by the company, and role plays as a guide for teaching.

5. Evaluation and follow-up of the training

At INSA we do a follow-up on the impact of the given training Program, and once we have finished the training we continue to maintain contact with the company.

If you are interested in publishing an offer, just write to and we will contact you.

Our Training Programmes. Companies that value and grow their human capital invest in training for their workers. INSA has a wide range of training programs in different areas and offers special prices for companies wishing to train some of their employees in any of them.It is also possible to subsidize this training through the Tripartite Foundation. If you are interested in our training programs please contact us through

Training in Company. At INSA we offer training that responds directly to the needs of companies, practical and up-to-date training according to the circumstances and conditions of the market and the specific circumstances of the company or institution. Human capital as a main asset of a company must be valued, developed, trained and kept up-to-date. In this way, INSA provides specific training for each type of companies according to its needs, both in content and duration. The training itself should have an institutional goal, covering existing needs and also providing elements of both personal and institutional improvement that allows companies to be more effective and competent. If you are interested in our in-company training please contact us through