Choosing a Bachelor’s Degree

Choosing the right one Bachelor´s Degree is an important decision that effects the whole your future life. Nowadays there is such a huge variety of programs that it is easy to get lost within the names. For instance, do you know what does LL.B mean? In order to help you we have prepared the following helpful notes:

B.A. | Bachelor of Arts Degree

This is the most common program among the Bachelor degrees. It is focused focuses on liberal arts or humanities.

 B.S.C. | Bachelor of Science Degree

This type of Bachelor degree focuses on the oracle knowledge and research practice on natural science, engineering, mathematics and technology.

B.F.A. | Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

This program is a professional degree in Fine arts. It focuses in visual and performing arts. But you will also have a little of history, literature and psychology.

 LL.B. | Bachelor of Laws Degree

The abbreviation LL. Stands for law in Latin. It’s still not so widespread and in some countries required and additional state examination to be eligible for practicing law so It is important that you get informed.

B. Eng. | Bachelor of Engineering Degree

As the name implies you will  be studying engineering sciences but due to the numerous possibilities for specialization there are degree types such as Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.Sc. in Eng.) , Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering (BBAE) , Bachelor of Business Engineering (BBE).

Here at INSA Business, Marketing and Communication School we provide the following programs:


B.A. | Business and Marketing

An ideal program for the ones who would like to gain an understanding of business, aspects  of marketing and smaller enterprises in particular.

Since marketing is one of several functional areas within an organization, this program links marketing roles, tasks, and functions with other organizational activities such as management, accounting and economics.


B.A. | International Business

You will gain a thorough understanding of how international firms operate and an appreciation of how different cultures affect business life. International issues in finance and marketing are explored and you will also learn the fundamentals of marketing, human resource, management, operations management, finance and information systems.

Both Bachelor degrees have a duration of 3 years.  You can also take an optional work placement (internship) since the first day you are studding in INSA. You will get an access to our private database of the internships, that will help you to get experience and establish your personal brand in the beginning of your way.