The 2018 Geneva Study Tour

We are more than happy to share with you the insights that Aldo and Alexander, a very talented Bachelor students from INSA, gave us the other day regarding their trip to Geneva. They spoke about this amazing experience that has led them to grow up even more as a human and also as a professional.

Alexander: “The Geneva Project was incredible. We went to met some important Institutions and Companies which whom we worked on a project with other students from all around the globe.”

Aldo: “We decided to participate as it seemed a big opportunity for us to develop our skills and expand our ideas. And it really was like that, we are more than excited about that and we would strongly recommend it to everyone.”

Alexander: “I got an intercultural exchange that was really worth it, speaking with people with such different point of views made me take another perspective on how to approach problem solving in a more creative way.”

Aldo: “INSA gave us a really nice trip, personally they has given me the chance to build new relations with people from all around the world. It was a very nice complement to our international subjects.”

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