Master en Protocolo y Organización de Eventos

The Protocol and the organization of events recently acquired their own importance in the company and communicate much about the company and the people. In an increasingly competitive market, business relationships and the correct use of different communication channels, will make a difference.

  • Objectives
  • Recipients
  • Professional outings
  • Program
  • Evaluation and accreditation

– Understand and apply techniques to manage the implementation work of the protocol and event management.
– Enable students to apply international protocol to any communication process.


a) Graduates and professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge.

b) Experienced professionals who want to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

c) Companies seeking staff expertise.

d) Graduates in Vocational Intermediate or Higher Grade in the area of ??Advertising and Marketing seeking practical preparation to enter the workforce.

Professional outings

The main professional, among others:

– Public Relations
– Responsible for Events
– Head of Protocol

INSA offers the possibility of internships in companies during the period of delivery of the Master’s


The course will cover the following sections:

• Introduction to the Protocol and Ceremonial
• Ordering protocol: Chairs and Guest positioning systems
• Written Communication and Protocol
• Legend: Anthems and Flags
• Organization of events: Logistics protocol
• Etiquette: Etiquette and etiquette
• Law and Legislation applied to the Protocol
• International Protocol
• Heraldry
• Communication with Business Strategy
• Oral communication techniques and presentations
• Public Relations
• Final Project

Evaluation and accreditation

The program evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each of the blocks through class attendance and / or examination, so that the student must have passed each subject independently. In addition the student must have obtained the minimum grade specified in the final project.

After successful testing and evaluation of the program, as long as there is the minimum attendance required, students obtain the title of Master INSA Protocol and Organization of Business, Marketing & Communication School.