Postgraduate en Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a support tool for strategic direction and business management, enabling better decision-making, and increasing profitability.

  • Objectives
  • Recipients
  • Professional outings
  • Program
  • Evaluation and accreditation

— Integrate and enhance the knowledge of all areas of the company, Human Resources, Management, Financial, Sales, etc..
— Knowledge of data processing tools for both small and large companies and corporations.
— Educate and train professionals to support strategic management intelligence with data analysis and results.


a) Graduates and professionals who wish to expand their business horizons.

b) Experienced professionals who want to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

c) Companies seeking staff expertise.

d) Graduates in Vocational Intermediate or Higher Grade area businesses seeking practical preparation to enter the workforce.

Professional outings

— Business Intelligence
— Strategic Director

INSA offers the possibility of internships in companies during the period of delivery of the Master’s


Module 1
What is Business Analytics and its rationale.
Module 2
Importance of knowledge in the management of companies.
Module 3
Knowledge and its relation to strategic processes and innovation.
Module 4
Key information systems: ERP, CRM, “ad-hoc” Systems.
Module 5
Strategic process as a means of internal communication.
Module 6
The Balanced Scorecard: Description. The Balanced Scorecard as a key tool for the alignment of the organization.
Module 7
The dashboard and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC).
Module 8
Different BI tools.
Module 9
Extraction, processing and loading (ETL).
Module 10
Data mining.
Module 11
Final Project: Design and implementation of a strategic Balanced Scorecard – thinking about two different functional areas of an organization.

Evaluation and accreditation

The program evaluation system is composed of the attendance at meetings, a partial evaluation of the course and the preparation and presentation of the final project.

After successful testing and evaluation of the program, as long as students have the minimum attendance required, they will obtain the title of Postgraduate in Business Analytics of INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.