Coffee Time with Agnese Diana

This week we interview one of our Buisness and Marketing Bachelor students, Agnese Diana. She is from Italy and came to Barcelona in order not only to study marketing, but also, to learn foreign languages and have a lifetime experience. We are proud to share a piece of the daily life of this perseverant and ambitious girl.

1.- What inspired you to study abroad?

To learn new languages such as Castellano and Catalan, and in addition, I discovered that it provides me with the opportunity to travel. To know about the cultural differences: language, food, appearances, and personal habits. It’s an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems. It also affords you to make friends around the world.

2.- Why did you choose Barcelona?

I have chosen Barcelona for various reasons. First, because of the Mediterranean climate, which I think is the best. Then, the streets are made for walking, and the public transport is very good. It is a city for international students with many free parties every night. I can hit the beach whenever I want and even the average tapas bar offers a seemingly endless variety of tasty sea creatures.

3.- Was it difficult to adapt to a new culture?

In my point of view, it wasn’t so difficult, I’m Italian therefore, I believe the culture is pretty the same. The only thing I had difficult to adapt was the late hours. Spanish people eat late and go out late, so I had to adapt.

4.- Is it hard to find a flat? What will you recommend to someone that is on the search?

Yes, to find a flat  is hard  because of the many students living here, I recommend searching something before moving in Barcelona, and  search in popular websites such as Fotocasa or Idealista. Also INSA provides you a list of apartments, residences near school and with special prices.

5.- What do you like about Barcelona?

Well the thing I like the most, is the weather. From when I moved It has never  been so cold. There is frequently the sun. In addition, food and parties here are always good.

6.- What do you usually do on the weekends?

During the weekend, I generally like to take a walk in the street appreciating the sun, I like to go out to eat and taste new foods. During the night, I usually go out to dance in the centre of the city or just take something to drink with some friends.

7.- So far…What has been your general experience at INSA?

So far, my experience  has been good, I like the fact that we are not so many in class, therefore, teachers are always making sure we understand everything.

8.- Are the programs what you expected?

The programs where the one I expected, this is the reason why I wanted to go to INSA, I’m doing the Business and Marketing bachelor, and I feel that the subjects I’m doing are already related with marketing.

9.- Have you been looking for interships?

No I still didn’t look for an internship, but I’m willing to do it in this new part of the year.

10.- Are Spanish companies looking for English speaker’s interns?

Spanish companies are looking for English speakers because they don’t have many people which are fluent in English. However, I have noticed that they are also asking to know Catalan. Which for us is difficult to learn in just few months.

11.- What do you expect from this experience?

From this experience, I really hope to improve my languages and to make friends from all over the world. I hope that this program will help me to go in a good master and eventually find the job of my dreams.

12.- Any advice for someone that It’s willing to study here.

Since I’m in love with marketing and all subjects related to it, I would advise to study this program. The Business and Marketing Bachelor study gives you a global vision and eventually you can specialize.