Enrollment Process

The registration process for the INSA program begins once the student has requested information about a specific program and received a response from INSA. You must follow the following steps:

> Open registration
  • Admission process
  • Registration
  • Payment of the reservation fee
  • Send documentation
  • Final Payment
Admission process

Those interested in any of INSA’s programs must complete the admission process for either Master’s or Higher Degree. This admission process looks at the appropriateness of the future student’s profile for the studies requested.
It is a process that does not involve any commitment by the prospective student.


Once applicants are notified by e-mail or telephone of their acceptance into the program requested, we will send the registration form as a first step to formalize the reservation of a place.
The number of places is limited so registration will remain open until all spaces established for each program are full. This registration form can be completed and sent by mail directly.

Payment of the reservation fee

Acceptance into a program and sending the registration form does NOT mean the automatic reservation of a place.

Upon receipt of the reservation fee, validated by us, INSA will reserve a place.
The allocation of places for the courses takes place in strict order of receipt of the reservation fee.

Send documentation

To complete the registration process students are required to send us some documents by mail, such as a photocopy of the DNI or NIE or two current passport size photographs. The complete list will be sent by INSA.

Final Payment

The last step to becoming a student of INSA is the payment of the balance of tuition.
This payment should be done just before the start of the course, or in the case of payment by installments, the specific document to that effect should be returned before the course starts.
At this time, on receipt of the amount or documentation, the student will have completed the process of registration.