Carrera Superior en Dirección y Gestión de Empresas

The student studies Management and Business Management, acquires the knowledge, skills and techniques of Management and Business Management (Business and Management) attached to a high degree of specialization in Marketing, through both our teaching method and a complete and rigorous curriculum.

Our students will be able to analyze information and new situations, master the business world, handle complex environments, set goals and devise original solutions, using them for a wide variety of techniques and skills of Management and Business Management. Ultimately, it is intended that the students are able to integrate successfully into the company and the professional world

  • Objectives
  • Recipients
  • Professional outings
  • Program
  • Evaluation and accreditation

– Prepare professionals in a context of constant change.
– To train professionals in all areas of management with innovative vision.
– Enable students to allow them to identify opportunities and successfully meet the challenges of the market.


The studies are aimed at those who want to learn knowledge and specific skills and develop their career in the field of management and business management or specific departments within the company, providing a comprehensive overview and planning and a strategy consistent with the mission and vision set by the company.

Students may come from School or Training or be people who are in the workforce but want to get the right training for the development of functions in these areas.

INSA has its own admission process so that access is not dependent on prior qualifications.

Professional outings

The main job opportunities, among others:

– Presidency
– Directorate and Management
– Production Department
– Sales Departments
– Department of Marketing
– Administrative and Financial
– Human Resources Departments
– Commercial Departments
– Communications
– Export Departments
– Purchasing Departments
– Product Manager
– Professional Offices
– Consulting and Audit
– International Trade Area
– Area of Business Logistics

INSA offers the possibility of internships in companies during the teaching of the Master’s.


El programa de los estudios abarcará los siguientes bloques por año:

1er Curso

  • Estrategias de Marketing I
  • Introducción a los Recursos Humanos
  • Herramientas Informáticas de Productividad Empresarial
  • Derecho Empresarial
  • Marketing Conceptual
  • Técnicas Actorales para la Comunicación
  • Coaching y PNL I
  • Contabilidad I
  • English / Business
  • Derecho Laboral
  • Introducción y Aplicaciones para Entornos Digitales
  • Relaciones Públicas y Organización de Eventos
  • Proyecto Transversal

2do Curso

  • English / Business
  • Estrategias de Marketing II
  • Marketing Digital
  • Derecho Fiscal
  • Contabilidad II
  • Técnicas Actorales para la Comunicación II
  • Organización de los Recursos Humanos
  • Coaching y PNL II
  • International Marketing I
  • Herramientas Informáticas de Productividad Empresarial II
  • Data Analysis
  • Gestión de Calidad
  • Investigación e Innovación
  • Derecho de la Comunicación
  • Trade Marketing I
  • Herramientas de Desarrollo Personal y Profesional II
  • Proyecto transversal

3er Curso

  • Dirección Comercial y Técnicas de Ventas
  • Marketing Directo
  • Logística y Supply Chain
  • Marketing Relacional
  • Dirección de los Recursos Humanos
  • Trade Marketing y Merchandising
  • International Marketing II
  • Plan de Marketing y Business Plan
  • Aspectos Legales del Business Plan
  • Herramientas de Desarrollo Personal y Profesional
  • English / Business
  • Coaching y PNL III
  • Finanzas Aplicadas al Business Plan
  • Dirección Comercial
  • Marketing Especializado
  • Herramientas Informáticas de Productividad Empresarial
  • Plan de Marketing Digital
  • Business Plan

Este programa está sujeto a cambios ya que se actualiza cada año bajo criterios académicos y del mercado laboral.

Evaluation and accreditation

The program evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each of the subjects through class attendance and / or examination, so that the student must have passed each subject independently.

After successfully testing and evaluation of the program as long as there is the minimum attendance required, students may spend the next year and completed three years will obtain the title of Advanced Studies in Management and Business Management INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.