INSA Bachelor students at Barcelona Tech City

Today our INSA Bachelor students have had the great opportunity to visit Barcelona Tech City, an amazing iniciative, driven by local entrepreneurs that currently represents more than 600 businesses, that works hard to position Barcelona among the most important tech hubs in the world.

Their general objectives are:

  • Consolidate Barcelona’s tech brand: Position Barcelona as a major tech brand, foster joint innovation initiatives within tech and digital ecosystem and improve the legal, fiscal and financial environment in which tech companies operate.
  • Be competitive: Stimulate entrepreneurship through knowledge. Attract investment, connect members of the technology community and foster the growth of an entrepreneurial culture. Collaborate in events within Barcelona’s technology, digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Foster talent: Provide impulse for entrepreneurship at the university level, connect companies and sector professionals and attract international talent.
  • Internationalisation:  Promote the city of Barcelona as the foremost technology hub in Southern Europe in the global marketplace. Support government efforts to promote Barcelona’s tech brand on a national and international scale.

We would like to thank the organization for attending us today, it hasbeen an incredible learning experience for our Bachelor students. We hope to see you again super soon.

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